Lisa (madame_queeny) wrote in uk_surfers,

Roxy, Mambo, Billabong & more, all for direct sale!

Ok, so my college funding runs out this month (currently training as a nurse) and I still have 2 months lef to go. Unfortunatly this means me having to sell off a few pieces of my beloved Roxy collection, amoungst others, everything is in excellent condition and in need of a good home. If you don't like my prices, make me a good offer!

X posted - sorry!

Billabong cheese cloth stripey Tunic Top (Size Medium - would fit anywhere from size 10 - 14) Bought for £30, worn once asking £5 + postage.


Betty Boop yello skinny fit T-Shirt (Size 12) Worn a few times, asking £2.00 + postage


Bombay Yoga Club black skinny fit T-Shirt (Size 10), worn a couple of times, asking £2.00 + postage


Roxy Quiksilver sage green Tunic Top, (Size 4 - would best fit from size 10 - 14), bought for £30, asking £5 + postage


Roxy Quiksilver brown & denim Tunic Top and Bikini Top set (Size 3 would best fit size 10/12), bought for £45, asking £7.50 + postage.


Mambo Goddess salmon pink 'Pink Flamingo Hotel' T-Shirt (Size 10), bought for £25, asking £5.00 + postage


Quiksilver Roxy Life kakhi green Surf Shirt (Size 3 would best fit size 10/12), bought for £45, asking £7.50 + postage


White Floral Tunic Top (Size 12), worn a couple of times, asking £2.00 + postage.


Turquoise crocheted Tunic Top (Size 12), never worn, asking £3.50 + postage


Quiksilver Roxy black moleskin Jeans (Size 5, fits a size 40 hips but I'm normally a size 12), bought for £65, asking £10.00 + postage


Blue cropped leg tracksuit (Size 10), never worn, asking £5.00 + postage


Let me know what you are interested in and I will confirm totals including postage. Please note that I can only take paypal from people outsied the UK.

Love & Blessings!


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