nameless000 (nameless000) wrote in uk_surfers,

hey guys...

Hey guys, I noticed this journal and figured I'd join. I don't klnow any other surfers in the Uk and when I saw this I got pretty damn happy. Um... about me, I'm a beginner, I've sailed and skied for most of my life, windsurfed for a couple of years, but not a lot and surfed a bit, I'm totally stoked about surfing, the more I do the more I love it, I consider myself a beginner, I can stand but not got as far as carves and cutbacks and shit. Never surfed in the Uk, surfed on a reef break in Guadeloupe, bodysurfed in Spain. I live in the West Midlands, moving down to Southampton uni in October to do languages and then I really hope to up my surfing big time and do as much as possible. I'm 18, female and really hope to join this community.
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Hey welcome :D its only a little communtiy atm, but hopefully it will build :D

So where are you from?

The UK has some really amazing surf spots you should really get out and try some :D Unfortunatly we have the cold wheather thing but i spose thats apart of the whole package!!! :D

Hooray another newbie!

I'm most upset to discover that a 9 year-old girl can surf better than me! ;_;
lol I know, it's so unfair, if you start early you get ood so quickly, damn i wish i started earlier.

anyway, i live in gloucestershire, i know there's some not bad spots around in england, i guess im kinda nervous about it because of all the people, i know i'll end up dropping in on someone! So how long have you guys been surfing?

and thanks for welcoming me..