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I've just got back from my second ever time surfing (and my hairs still slightly damp...), and WOW!
It's the biggest rush ever! :D
So, I thought I'd join, and get to know some UK surfers.
Here's some stuff about me.
I'm 19, female and surf in Cardigan bay - mid-wales coastline. Mostly Borth, Aberystwyth and Inyslas.
I don't know if you care that much about gear and stuff - I'm mostly borrowing other peoples boards, cause I don't have my own, (obviously!) all I know is that it's made by Bic, who make good razors and pens, so why not boards too?
Erm...I'm not very good yet. I've probably spent 4, maybe 5 hours max in the water and managed to get anywhere about 5 times. I'm still working on kicking off and stuff, so I guess any tips on actually getting on the thing would be great! I've not managed to stand up yet, either, though it is still early days.
Best thing about surfing - the rush. =)
Worst thing about surfing - putting on a cold, soggy wetsuit in the back of a van, at 7.30am on a freezing morning.
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